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This is a temporary front page - in fact.......
It's so 'temporary' that it's been this way for around two seasons!
One day I will get around to making it look more professional. Or maybe not.


You can access the leagues through the links provided.
The games are free to play, you can play as many as you like but you will need separate user accounts for each.
These leagues are run independently by volunteers but are hosted and maintained by NLPL



The 'Big Daddy' of Non League Prediction Leagues run by Angus. There can be anything up to 30 or 40 games a week to predict taken from all levels of the English non league pyramid and occasionally even further afield! You can access the NLPL HERE


Conference North / South Prediction League or 'NLPL2'

Run by Kieran... predict all Conference North and South games with a few Cup matches thrown in. Choose which league you want to enter from the drop down menu. You can access NLPL2 HERE


Also on NLPL.CO.UK: TONY's NON-LEAGUE FORUM - Forums for Tony Kempsters massively popular non league results site. This forum is THE place on the internet for all discussions concerning the English non-league game with dedicated threads for the Prediction Leagues above.